How it Works

How to use our service

1. Select a Department of Choice from the Project Topics Menu Categories: (OND, HND, PGD, BSC, MSC)

There are various Topics, pick about 4 or 5 to your supervisors and which ever one interests your supervisor, you can easily order from us by quoting the Unique Title attached to your project and Stating the Degree.

2. Send the Unique no of Interest attached to the topic of interest to or 07062198219

3. Fill the form to Order for it.

4. Make payment for the work, EACH Project Costs N10,000 Only and send your payment details to or 07062198219

5. Your complete project work will be sent to your email as an attachment, once the basic requirements has been met

6. All our Materials are well researched project work

7. Please do not submit or copy the projects you receive words to words……its called PLAGIARISM

9. If your project is not listed on your website, or you want a fresh work on your behalf, contact us at or 07062198219

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July 7, 2017